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Jenny’s Story

Hello Robert,
Well, Robert here is what is due to you for your hard work.

Here is a person that was once healthy no worries whatsoever, working to the extreme, aiming for a good career one of which I know that climbing up the ladder would have been rewarding as well as profitable. Being a Sales Support Secretary and not long after 6 months promoted as PA to my Manager together with the original title. Yes! I loved my job it was interesting and challenging it aid me to accelerate / better my career/knowledgeability.

It was there, when the recommendation came along to meet with you, through a very close friend! and bad frequent meeting with you Robert, I was so unsure of what you had to offer- not at all ready for any form of insurance Policies as many had tried – only to realise that the interest was none but negative – until you came along convinced me that not only was it worthwhile for the future beneficially important too, aiming to the right direction for the future as my resident at time was at my parents.

Robert, you came across being very genuine and held a friendly approach of which you maintained every time we met, which helped a great deal when it came to discussing the future of which my mind was complete oblivious too. Jokes were made!! regarding certain Policies! Very young 23 years of age at the time. You made me look deep into my future and what it could hold for me and prosper from.

Then came the knock, I was taken ill, I did not know what it was, neither did my GP, until my eye sight on the right was very blurry – it all started then admission was made for me to visit National Hospital Neurology. The Diagnostic report was made, and I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis an Illness/terminology I had no recognition of, but, an Illness of which I was suffering tremendously

To retain my career was impossible – releasing the job I was satisfied with, was very sad.

As, I look around my surrounding now all in all, I would never of thought that meeting up with you and acknowledging your career as Financial Adviser was the best thing I have ever done. I also know different now, it has nothing to do with AGE at all it could happen to anyone young/old. The greatest relief was you advising me to take out the Income Replacement Insurance Policy one of the cheapest of the Three/Four Policies which I had taken out with you and of which has alleviated most of my financial problem.

Also, something else you helped me with was the CLAIM process as I was unfit to do it on my own – too new to the illness, your unmeasurable support was and is still remains.

A peace of mind with an illness Like this is required and you help me to achieve that. It’s extremely hard enough to rebuild and understand the new me, without having to worry about money and depending on DSS all the time as you know that it’s a chain in itself. No! I could not of only rely on them alone, what with my Brandon.

Finally, I can go as far as to say I would have no hesitation recommending you as a Financial Advisor to anyone, for I know you will offer them the trustworthy/honest reliable you as a Financial Advisor/friend -so go out there and carry on doing the good job – for I know they will gain a lot from that sort of Policy – as I feel you have helped in a big way taking away a lot of my stressful worries, that I had to deal with being struck down with MS.

You are indeed an extraordinary person who enjoys his work, one I am glad I took time out to listen to.


Warmest regards,

A1 Mortgages Ltd.

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